What is Floatation Hydrotherapy
The Ubuntu Wellness Center is one of very few places in South Africa to offer a complete focused floatation hydrotherapy environment.
The tank is filled with water and Epsom Salts or Magnesium Sulphate at body temperature. Over 200 kg salt is added which allows you to float without trying to stay afloat.
An hour floatation equals to 4 hours deep sleep. It is beneficial in reducing jet-lag, anxiety, depression and more.
It is a unique relaxation environment that assists with alleviating anxiety, fears, habits, addictions. It also helps in improving sports performance and with accelerated learning and better concentration. 
It is also called Sensory isolation or R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique)

Letting Go


Stardust particles

Float over and through

My entire being

My heart soars

Long held adversities

Melt into the distance


A time of deep healing this

Manna for the soul

Deep long-held sorrows

Rush into this

Glinting atmospheric delight


The deafening silence surrounds me

As I gently float

Past universes unknown 

To the seat of all being

Safe at last


Faith Carter Poems,

Timeless Tank Flotation



In a timeless flash

Am I transported

Beyond all that is known to man


A heavenly space this

Illuminant and inviting

I am as a child in a flower filed meadow

Under the starry lights


Deep joy fills all my spaces

I am gently lifted

Embraced …… flown

Safe in this tranquil space


These journeys transport my soul

To depths unknown

Inviting spaces enchant my mind


A world of wonder this

Waiting for those that slumber

To rise and partake

Of the inner joy awaiting all seekers

Stepping on this ever-present path of discovery



I am a brilliant ball of light

Floating through the night sky

The heavens rush to greet me

Unfolding their gracious mystery

Whilst souls hover

Within the fragrant gardens


The tree of life

Stands firm

Solid ….. majestic

Within this magnificent setting

Sharing her deep wisdom with all


Birds on high chorus

Then sweep down to rest on the moist grass

Bees hover from flower to flower

On their perpetual journey


Whilst within this energy of deep consciousness

I am filled with ecstasy

Ready to continue

My endless journey once more