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NB. ** BREATHE is owned by the Ubuntu Trust NPO with 100% of profits generated supporting the Trust.**

Designed in accord with Homeopathic principles, to assist the body defence system to prepare, fortify and reinforce your immune system

For respiratory ease and relief of viral infections.

Ideally classical homeopathy prescribes individually matched-up remedies for individual cases.

The Breathe formulation is a composite of several remedies, designed to boost immunity of lungs in overcoming symptoms of respiratory viruses in general, and to exert an anti-inflammatory effect.

Breathe has been constructed from the collective insights of respected homeopaths, both local and international, over a six-month period.

This product is the result of these co-operations with Ubuntu Trust NPO, which is a charitable, non-profit organization. This project arises from the urgent need to aid the health crisis facing the people of South Africa and other countries.

We offer it to subscribed members of the Ubuntu Trust NPO, and will be offering these members on-going educational materials, wellness resources, and workshops in holistic life skills. Refer to website for information on these.

Formulae Ingredients

Pure homeopathic tinctures of: Bryonia 200c, Senega 200c, Antimony Tart 200c, Arsen Alb 30c, Cinchona Off. (Quinine) 30c, Eupatorium Perf 30c, Zinc Phos 12c, Ferr Phos 12c, Kali Mur 30c, Kali Bich 30c, Influenzinum 30c, Pneumococcus 30c, Hepar Sulph 30c.

This homeopathic formula is safe and harmless for small children, pregnant mothers, and people on pharmaceutical drugs. It does not interfere with the action of chemical drugs.

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