Ubuntu CBD Oil Vitality & Harmony

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Through Radionic Patterning an array of infoceutical chakra frequencies attune to the body’s energy centres through a CBD proprietary Imprint* process that elevates its electromagnetic signature and guides the CBD oil to the ECS (Endo-Cannabinoid System) receptors with greater coherency. That’s a mouthful, we know, but we’ve done our homework!


  • Total plant complex containing phyto-cannabinoids
  • Fully CO2 decarboxylated & filtered
  • Certified organic cold-pressed olive oil


Full spectrum CBD, Chlorophyll, Terpenes, Sterols, Fatty acids, Ubuntu Wild Fig Tree (Ficus Natalensis) extract, Vitamin E, Organic Olive Oil


Clinical research shows that CBD Oil relieves anxiety, depression, epilepsy, insomnia and cancer-related symptoms. It also has neuro-protective properties, supports heart health and prevents psychosis, tumours and diabetes.

Our Ubuntu CBD Oil range has Imprint-powered* Chakra-balancing properties according to the proprietary process of Dr. B. Digby.

* Information Medicine Patterns Radionically Imprinting Nature’s Therapies ©


This uniquely formulated blend is designed to support and stimulate the root and sacral Chakras (Muladhara & Svadhisthana centres).

The Vitality blend enhances your energy levels, healing potential, stability, flow, creativity and sexual well-being.


This uniquely formulated blend is designed to support and stimulate the solar plexus and heart Chakras (Manipura & Anahata centres).

The Harmony blend enhances your self-esteem, strength of will, clarity of mind, love, gratitude and compassion.

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