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100% Social Distanced.

Also perfect for couples and friends.

Relax and restore your energy in the dedicated healing Ubuntu Lounge with Therapeutic Reflexology and Massage.

Ian and Ryan are your resident, AHPCSA registered therapists at the Ubuntu Lounge.

About Ryan Childs, Complementary Medical Practitioner

Ryan is a Therapeutic Reflexologist registered with Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. His Practice number is recognized by all major Medical Aids depending on the relevant benefits of the Members' Plan. He is also an experienced Reiki practitioner, certified Level 1, who uses this form of bio-energy healing as a supportive treatment to reflexology. Reiki assists the body to release stress, boost the immune system, manage pain and generally promote healing and well being. He has run a successful Holistic Healing practice from Sea Point for the past 20 years. Ryan brings a total dedication and commitment to Alternative Medicine and a wealth of experience to the Ubuntu lounge.

About Ian Macfarlane

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