Ubuntu Touch Project is a NPO joint venture between Ubuntu Wellness Centre and Medi-Spa, launched to provide a range of wellness trainings of the highest caliber within South Africa.


Ubuntu Touch Project has now consolidated as the flagship project under the Ubuntu Trust NPO. It was established to provide job-related training

opportunities for women from disadvantaged communities.

The project's graduates are employed at Ubuntu Wellness Centre and the Medi-Spa, where customised treatments and packages are made available to the public and corporate clients, linking the SETA certified training directly to employment opportunities.

With a special focus on the call centre industry's EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) this 'Massage with a Mission' project also blends in perfectly at Ubuntu Wellness Centre's spa location in at the city centre hum of Kloof Street, Gardens.

From 2019 we have been working with Department of Health and Western Cape on Wellness (WOW!) to train Africa's first community Plant-based Chefs!
(Watch this space!)

For more information on our flagship NPO please visit UBUNTU Touch Project.