Workshop17 - Wellness Wednesdays



STOP PRESS: Massage Mondays, Wellness Wednesday, Feelgood Fridays are coming your way!

Enjoy a professional treatment with a true Ubuntu Touch. Special Offer only for W17 Tenants!

On-site wellness delivered direct to your office! Thanks, W17!


Welcome to W17’s ‘Wellness Wednesdays’ Ubuntu Journeys


Step 1. Select your Journey and Book Online Wed 9 am -6 pm

Step 2. Arrive at least 5 minutes early for your session

Step 3. Connect with your Ubuntu Aroma–optional

Step 4. Connect your CBD Chakra Energy–optional

Step 5. Bliss out during Session



Payment via E-shop or via Yoco on day – bring card or cash (check Medical Coverage) options

30 mins session with oils: R 350 (Normally R 450) – 20% launch special!

                                                R 100 add Chakra CBD


W17 Ubuntu Spa treatment menu currently includes:

  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage –Swedish or Deep Tissue

  • Ubuntu Foot Massage

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Reiki Healing –Japanese Hands-on Natural Healing

  • Biosonic Sound Session –Japanese Peace Machine


STEP 3 (for massages)

Begin each spa experience inhaling the sophisticated aroma of three signature Ubuntu aromatherapy incorporating the healing properties of South African fynbos blends, allowing you to explore well-being beyond the physical; to feel grounded and balanced by an African journey into new fragrances and soul-spaces.


Connect with an Ubuntu healing solution for “Destress”- with Botanical Baobab Bliss, “Pain”- with Soothing Kalahari Melon and “Detox”- with Magical Marula.


The most desirable of the three pleasant scents will determine the treatment your body is yearning for.


  • Baobab

  • Cape Chamomile

  • Lavender


The baobab is known as the 'Tree of Life' in Africa. It is a source of food, water and shelter, a symbol of strength, resilience and comfort which is what this blend gifts in a massage. When paired with lavender and rooibos this signature African blend offers ultimate relaxation. All the while the signature palming techniques of the massage provide containment. A great treatment for when you're needing to pause a while and unwind.


With a massage incorporating grounding palming techniques this treatment is perfect for enhancing bliss and relaxation and restoring healing sleep patterns.


  • Kalahari Melon

  • Black Pepper

  • Ginger


As the name suggests, the Kalahari melon is a wild fruit that originates from the southern African Kalahari Desert. The miracle of the Kalahari melon is its ability to withstand the unrelenting heat and drought conditions offered by the Kalahari Desert. It's no wonder therefore that the Kalahari Melon seed oil in a massage blend imparts resilience to withstand life's challenges particularly when it comes to pain management in the body. Its rich Omega 6 content imparts potent anti-inflammatory properties which work frontline to hydrate and soothe skin, your main organ of proprioception.

When combined with Ginger and Black Pepper essential oils, which are absorbed trans dermally, this blend is warming easing body aches and joint pain. When combined with the kneading movements of Swedish massage, this treatment provides a wonderful release for knotted muscles, for body aches and stress.


  • Marula

  • Cape Snowbush 

  • Mandarin


Marula oil is one of the truly remarkable seed oils produced from a very special tree which is venerated as a holy tree by many tribes in Africa. The tree is also protected by law in South Africa.  A large Marula tree is beautiful and when it is in fruit, more so, so it stands to reason that the Marula oil is the foundation of our detox treatment, which is particularly popular among women.  This deliciously beautiful blend beckons the body to optimal health. Her sensual base notes of Neroli allow the middle notes of Marula and Mandarin to provide gentle emotional support while the Cape Snowbush gives the body permission to let go of what no longer serves it.


Symptoms such as headaches, joint pain and fatigue are managed and minimized, allowing for gentle release of toxins over a three-course treatment. Rich in essential fatty acids, Marula oil helps to create a more youthful and radiant glow to the skin, a perfect ending to your detox and, this treatment provides a wonderful release for toxins and chronic fatigue.


UBUNTU CBD Enhance your wellness journey with UbuntuCBD's new Chakra Energy option added to any treatment.

  • Drops under the tongue

  • CBD Fynbos Massage

  • Edible option

A range of specific Chakra Care ‘infoceutical’ frequencies are imprinted for your full-spectrum physical healing.

Choose Vitality, Harmony, Wisdom or Unity Chakra blends to boost your Chakras.


Vibrationally enhanced full spectrum CBD Hemp Extract is Radionically-Patterned CBD

rendering a more Bio-active and faster response, greater absorption and utilization

of the body-minds wellness potentials.

Ubuntu Bonus: Support your Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS) and Chakra alignment while

also uplifting the community- 51% NPO owned! Product discount on day

Integrating CBD into your wellness journey with healing blends you can trust, naturally.


Ian Macfarlane is a sought-after consultant, networker, therapist and trainer with over 25 years wellness experience. An Oxford PPE graduate (Hons, MA), he was BPeSA Head of Industry Wellness from 2014-16 and has founded the award-winning Cape Town Medi-Spa and Ubuntu Wellness, and Ubuntu Touch social upliftment project and was nominated one of the Top 100 Global Healthcare Activators in 2018. In private practice with his wife Dawn they specialise in combining multiple natural healthcare modalities to support clients in relieving pain, transforming stress and restoring deep healthy nutrition and sleep cycles.


Medical Coverage

He is registered with the Massage Therapy Association of SA (MTASA), and the Allied Health Professions Counsel of South Africa (AHPCSA) with Reg. no. 0398519 as a State-registered ‘Therapeutic Massage Therapist’. A network service provider to Medscheme, GEMS, Discovery, Parmed and Parliament, clients can also enjoy Medical aid scheme coverage for the following: Massage and with support of Floatation Hydrotherapy, Reiki Healing Bio-Energy Therapies and Mindfulness Training. Ian personally trains Ubuntu community therapists through the award-winning SETA-accrediting social enterprise Ubuntu Touch Project who assist in delivering wellness services to spa and corporate clients. Ian will be supported by a spa wellness assistant on the day.


Pearl Mpange is one of the first students of the Ubuntu Touch Project, established by the Ubuntu Wellness Centre. She graduated from the Ubuntu Touch Training and SETA-Accreditation programme in 2013 and joined the Ubuntu Wellness Centre team in 2014.

Pearl has been trained in massage, manicures and pedicures and the Kita Bionic Peace Sound machine.

Lovewell Siwela is an Ubuntu Touch therapist trained in Reiki and Biosonic Peace Machine, with a speciality in combining both.